In the verdant central hills of the Paradise Isle, the magnificent city of Kandy, former capital of the last Ceylonese kingdom, hidden in a lush green shrub jungle, to unravel the intricacies of rural Sri Lanka in the nearby village, with a homely atmosphere in which to unwind after a whirlwind travel, the Kandyan Manor awaits you.


The Kandyan Manor stands on a small hillock in Yatiwawala, secluded and surrounded by well tended gardens and a few acres of lush shrub jungles that borders on village rice paddies, in a typical hill country rural environment.


Wake up in a traditional home located just five kilo meters away from the noisy city. Listen to the chirps and songs at sunrise and observe an amazing variety of rare and colourful birds in this alluring and cozy atmosphere in tranquil surroundings.


Two outside cottages dotted around the garden, built to embrace both modern comfort and profound sense of harmony with nature.  Attached open air en suite bathrooms will make your stay memorable.