Kandyan styles in a fine blend of the old with the new.
Wake up in a traditional home located just five kilo meters away from the noisy city. Listen to the chirps and songs at sunrise and observe an amazing variety of rare and colourful birds in this alluring and cozy atmosphere in tranquil surroundings. Experience the warmth and uniqueness of a family’s own house, immerse in the local habits and culture by participating in the daily life of a local. Eat their local food, ask for a cooking lesson, learn how to cook a complete meal on firewood in a traditional old kitchen built in the 19th century, go back home and serve your friends at home your favourite “local dish” or take the trails the locals take and let the journey through this sweet and short beautiful place remain as memories to a traveler be cherished. A trip to the Kandyan Manor is an opportunity to feast on its rich, melting- pot cuisine, prepared by Suzy and her team. Characterized by lots of fragrant spices, coconut in some form or another. Discover a taste of Sri Lankan home cooked meals to add to the authenticity of experience. A variety of different dishes from rice and curry, string hoppers, kotthu, pittu, coconut roti’s and hoppers, all served with mild or spicy curries twisted with Suzy’s cooking methods.
The Village Walk
Embark on a journey of discovery in our little village called “ Yatiwawala” to observe the reawakening of a village and natural life alike. Stroll down enticing jungle byways and through the green paddy field to see the buffalo ploughing and threshing the fields during the harvest, as the season demands. Along the way, see many different spices thriving in their natural element - goraka, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, coffee, cocoa and black pepper, many valuable fruit and timber trees native to the shrub jungle. A few minute walk away from the Manor, visit the Ambalama, a place of shelter built by ancient kings for travelers to break journey, take rest and spend the night. People also exchanged goods from different localities and after befriending them. The Hunasgiriya mountain range will watch over you from a distance, adding an element of grandeur to the picturesque village scenery. An ideal walk for the artist, a photographer, an expert naturalist or a passionate bird-watcher, or you may simply be enamored with the wonders of everyday life.
Visiting the General Market
Take a ride to the “Menikkumbura” market with Bhathiya in a tuk tuk, and see the variety of seasonal vegetables harvested during the season. Learn the Sinhala names and the different types of vegetables that are locally grown for village folks. Witness the cutting and cleaning of fresh fish for your meal. Meet our village Auyurvedic doctor, ask for your herbal medicine for common cold, flu, cough and minor ailments that you may require.
Preperation of Lunch & A BBQ Dinner
Join Suzy and and her team in our traditional village kitchen and assist in the preparation of lunch! Learn to prepare a complete meal with five curries, and explore the intricacies of Sri Lankan cuisine, from scraping the coconut and extracting the milk, to pounding a sambol, to cooking with firewood using ancient tools and methods.